Inspected, repaired, rebuilt, re-furbished all recalls, modifications, and wear items to restore this rig back to factory specifications. Best in class for towing and seats 7 comfortably. New timing chain, idler slides, tensioners, valve cover gaskets, pcvs, radiator, rad. hoses, belt, hood cylinder, ECM diode relay, new freon charge after vacuum procedure, idler, water pump, tensioner, thermostat, ELC coolant, power steering fluid, transmission filter and fluid replaced, alternator, starter, fuse block, wiper blades, intake manifold gaskets, fresh tune-up with platinum plugs and clean injectors. This rig will run another 3-5 years with no problems. Tires still have plenty of tread and brakes are in great shape. Everything else is new or rebuilt for Mother's Day gift. Repaired by a USAF Journeyman & Army Master Mechanic. No short cuts or sub-standard work; everything is by the book. I have a service manual complete on digits that will go with this as well as the Haynes manual and all the replacement parts if desired for spares. All Nissan parts except starter and alternator from Napa. The windshield has a crack and the tire pressure sensors need batteries changed other than that there are no maintenance issues, codes or noises. One dent, one scuff, and one ding that is it. Not wrecked or salvaged. I got this rig from my sister to fix up for my mother but she got a new rig before I could get it all completed. Her loss is your gain just in time for Mother's Day. I'd put my mum in this thing...the price reflects the careful attention and have step by step critical specification photos to demonstrate if required. e.g. #1 TDC marks, cam timing, chain timing etc... Come and test drive this thing if you want a well done rig. 5.6 Liter 2 wheel drive