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2006 Nissan Titan - 4x4 LE Crew Cab - well loved 361,000kms - BC Canada.

I have done a bunch of research on this issue, where it typically happens just as I start moving with the truck. Pull out of driveway and then I see the ebrake light come on the dash and then when I apply the brakes, it makes the awful pulsating ABS sound and then when you release it sounds like a spring releasing.

All of the research I have read is:
Replace the Brake Booster.
Reflash or Reprogram the ABS Module
New ABS Computer Unit

I have done the brake booster. And I am STILL have the same PROBLEM.

I took it to my Local Nissan Stealership. Told them exactly what was going on. Told them the codes etc.

They verified that those were the same codes they pulled.
They checked some electrical connections and cleaned them up.
And gave me the $182 bill.

Pulled off the lot.... SAME THING.

And to be clear, my ABS or SLIP light does NOT come on. Just the EBrake light.

Need some help on this one. Anyone else have this issue and have the fix?

So I did some more research... and this is what I found.

Alright everyone who has been having this problem that is claimed "irresolvable", here is the fix.

-"Brake" light on dashboard is on (parking brake light) even when parking brake is not engaged
-Car's front end feels like it's going to fall off when stopping
-ABS Engages when you press the brake pedal lightly
-C1179 Delta Stroke Sensor Code

Story behind:
So for any of you who are veterans on the forums, you might remember an old thread with a C1179 Delta Stroke sensor problem with a batch of Armada's. Even the most experienced of us couldn't fix it. We tried brake boosters, ABS Sensors, but no luck.

Well, I HAD this problem on my 2008 Armada and at first I tried clearing it, worked for 20 or so miles. Then I looked up what a Delta Stroke sensor is and it is a sensor on the booster which essentially tells the system if there is a sealed vacuum for the brake, at least that's what it's supposed to do. If there is an "open" or problem with the brakes in the car the Delta Stroke sensor puts the car into a type of safe mode to put increased pressure on the pedal to help the car stop better if there is a problem.

That is why many of you feel the ABS kick in on say 25% brake force.

I replaced the brake booster with one from an older 2006 Armada from the Junk Yard. That didn't work so I assumed that brake booster was also bad since this problem usually pops up at around 100k miles. So I tried another one from the junk yard, that didn't work. The previous two boosters weren't for the same year Armada so I bought another one from Ebay from the same year Armada, that only worked for 40 miles. And finally I tried a rebuilt one from O'Reilly's and that didn't work either.

So, it definitely wasn't the booster, so I searched the forums and NOBODY had a fix for it. Now I've heard of resetting or reflashing the ABS module but on 2008 you cannot reflash or update the module on that particular model. So, I sent it to the Nissan StealerShip, to Diagnose the car and they said to try the brake booster or speed sensors. At this point I couldn't even sell the car because it has the brake issue. So I tried one more time and replaced the WHOLE ABS MODULE and ABS SYSTEM (where the ABS Motor is in front of the booster), and thank god it finally worked.

The FIX:
For Armada's from 2005-2008 (which are the only ones that are known to have this issue)
-Replace Brake booster (didn't work for me)
-Reflash ABS Module (My model year wasn't compatible, so that didn't work)
-Replace ABS System (WORKED FOR ME)

I have seen many Armadas on these forums where nobody could figure it out but for anyone that still has this problem, try to replace the ABS Control Unit. The problem is not the ABS Motor in the ABS Control Unit (because the ABS still works) but it is the actual computer inside of it.

Hopefully I helped at least one person with this, and please reply with any other fixes and/or solutions

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Dealership couldn't figure it out in the time they had, as I didn't want them to keep exhausting time into it without a definitive answer. I have a few messages sent to some other Dealerships who have been around longer. I notice that now the mornings are cooler... it doesn't happen until it warms up in the afternoon.

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