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My 06 Titan has not been shifting properly. 2nd gear I believe, shifts so hard it could give you whiplash.. and the next gear will not even catch until the transmission temp is at normal operation temp, however it has to rev up to about 3500..4000 rpm before it will shift. The first thing i noticed about a year ago is the tranny temp guage takes 10x longer than it used to take before it starts reading and rising. Maybe related to sensor? I did a simple fluid change and the small screen and that did not help anything, almost seemed worse. the AT light blinks when I start the Truck then goes out. My scanner shows codes P0717 Imput/Turbine Speed Sensor A Circuit No Signal. And P1754 Input clutch solenoid function Can someone tell me were this speed sensor is located and if it is something I can replace. I do most of the repairs on my Truck but not sure if I can do this one.Trying to keep from going to the dealer-Out of warranty. Also are these 2 codes related. Like 1754 because of the 0717 sensor is bad?
I've already replaced the crankshaft/cam position sensor on the driver back side of the engine block. Don't remember which it was called. That was causing Truck to stall and not want to start.
I'm worried I'm destroying the transmission driving like this, but I honestly have no other means of transportation and very limited on funds at the moment.
Any advice or guidance 🙏 would be greatly appreciated 🙏

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