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Hi guys.... Been reading on here for awhile but first time posting as I've scoured the internet trying to solve my issues....
OKAY! First, had a crank sensor code and rough running (a little but not terrible). Changed sensor (twice) to no avail. Ordered crank/cam sensor to change all of the above. On my titan, I could NOT find a crank sensor on the rear of the driver's side head. There were two on the front for the VVT system, plus another a little lower on the front of the driver's side cam. Anyways, the sensors I ordered were a different orientation than the ones in the truck so I did not use it. In the mean time, truck begins to be noticeably worse running and long starts. NOW, here's the kicker to this whole fiasco, my soon to be ex girlfriend cousin informs me that my ex did SOMETHING to my truck which she denied but I started looking. First, I found she had cut the small wire harness that runs along the drivers side wheel well behind the air box. It had 4 wires that were black, blue, blue yellow, and blue white (I think). So I removed airbox, soldered and heatshrunk the wires back together. Truck still running rough with crank code. I drove it like this for only a day or two for just short periods of time so I'm not completely sure which symptoms were present then or not. After doing some more research, I decided to redo wires using crimps instead of solder. After redoing wire, now I've got no headlights, turns, interior lights, dash lights, windows but radio/ AC/window washer/side view mirror motors work. Also, no taillights, but the rear cargo light comes on. Oh and still crankshaft code and rough running. So ordered new ECU relay which did nothing except now my wipers won't shut off or change speed. I had to pull the fuse out to drive it.
Then I ordered the new black IPDM on ebay. Hooked it up with high hopes and nothing changed.

Oh yea, and before I changed IPDM I found another cut wire on the sensor on the bottom of the transfer case. Found that if I put it in 4 high, it would steer heavy like it was locked, but the indicator would flash from 2 wheel to 4 wheel. So I ran a new pigtail and hooked the sensor back up and the indicator worked as it should and it locked in 4 high.

Sucky thing is I'm not sure what came first... The wires being cut, or the crankshaft sensor issues so it's hard to figure this out...

So now that I've changed the IPDM I'm stumped where to go next. Going to the nissan dealer and spending 2 or 3k is not in the cards so any help or direction you guys could throw my way would help! Would a new harness be in order? I also found out about a couple "hidden" fuses under the dash that could be tied to some of my issues.... But certainly not all of em. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.

Also, i was of course getting a P0335? Crankshaft sensor code, but was also getting a couple "unknown" codes. Bear with me but I think they were p1550 and P1551 or P1554. Again, I'm not completely sure those are right but hopefully someone will know what I mean...
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