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I have a 2007 Nissan Titan 5.6 Flex Fuel. There is a sharp knocking noise coming from around the valve cover I think. (
). I posted a short Youtube video of it.

As for the history, the dealership forgot to put oil in the truck at an oil change around 60K miles, it is now at 135K and this noise just appeared. The engine still runs fine and has oil pressure. I did a compression test and the passenger side was all 200+ but the driver side ranged from 165 to 190. I had codes P0021 and P0011 as I pulled it onto my lift and I thought the timing chain tensioner may have failed to cause the chain to slap and possibly throwing off the compression test. I went in and replaced the driver-side tensioner and the noise is still there. I cleared the codes after I put it back together and ran it for a short amount of time and no new codes have arrived. The oil does have a slight metallic hint to it, no big chunks or anything, a couple flakes and the rest is very small. I watched the engine run with the valve cover off and couldnt see anything obvious. There is oil getting to the valve cover.

I was curious about what you may think is causing the noise?

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