Hello all, I just did the center seat swap on my 2008 Nissan Titan and here is the black, w/wood grain option, center console and column(with key and black plastics) that I took out. This will include all connectors, parts and pieces that you will ned to put a center console in your 2004-2015 Nissan Titan truck. I have a 2008 and swapped 2007 parts into my truck so they are interchangeable, but you WILL have to wire these connectors and figure out the schematics. I will answer questions for you if you have them. This is for an 08 NISSAN TITAN, CENTER CONSOLE SHIFT w/ wood grain shifter, all CONNECTORS needed for the COLUMN, includes CLOCK SPRING(basic w/ turn signals, headlights, and wipers only, you can swap your old clock spring as I did. GRAY steering wheel with only the cruise control option with BLACK PLASTICS for a NON column shift truck. Air bag has deployed on this steering wheel, so I cut it out but just using it to hold the screws, so the clock spring connectors need to be replaced(IF that is possible, but it looks like it?), they melted? Please bid confidently as this is as complete as it gets, OEM, pulled from my 2008 Titan, with ALL console parts, connectors, shifter, etc. to SAVE you time and money piecing all of this stuff together. Local pick up preferred but will crate and ship at the buyers expense. Please email with any questions, I will respond ASAP. Thank you and God bless.