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As we get closer to the Meet, I thought I'd post up some "in case you didn't know" information.

1. Feel free to bring items that you want to sell and post up what you're bringing.
2. Also many of you have mods you want done before the Meet but in the Meets we have done over the past few years, there are quite a few folks who can assist with a variety of mods to your vehicle. Just ask!

As for the Raffle, here's how it works.

1. When you check in, you'll get your swag and a set of tickets. You can buy more as well.
2. There will be bins set aside along the items open for raffle. Place as many of your tickets into those bins. Where multiple items exist, we will draw multiple times.
3. If you have items you want to simply get rid off, we can raffle those off as well.

Post up!

Also randomly chosen, we will auction off one of the attendee's vehicles; most likely Blackbeauty's or Deadrivers.
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