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Well after my warranty expires my truck starts having issues.

I really need to fix this issue because I'll be driving back and forth to the Doctors 3-4 times a week.

Got down to 40 this morning and it felt like the heater wasn't getting hot. I could feel hot air on the drivers side but when I leaned over the passenger side was blowing cold. I don't hear any odd noises under the dash like some say they hear a click or tick sound. I tried the auto and manual temp controls. Set it to 90 on the passenger side and it blows cold. After a while it would blow warmish but I figured that was because the drivers side was heating the cab up.
Where should I start? Blend door motor?
Where is it located on the passenger side?

I watched a video and could see where the drivers side is located it looks like a 15 minute fix.

Thanks for any and all help
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