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Okay let me start out with what seems to have started my issue. The dealer replaced the tank per TSB and after they replaced it the fuel gauge would read 1/2-3/4 after filling up so they replaced the SENDING UNIT the part the measures the fuel but I thought the fuel pump and sending unit was one piece but that's what they did. Well I went to pick it up and when I left I was headed to a station to fill it up and it started shaking/stutter or such but I actually thought I had a wheel out of balance.
I took it to the tire store and they rotated and balanced the tires and wheels and they looked underneath to see if there may have been some damage to the driveline. The tires are a few months old and still have full tread the same on all 4 tires. Everything checked out. I told the dealer and they said they'd get it back in hopefully next week. It drives but when you level your speed out you can feel it shaking while driving and twice while sitting in park the was some vibration.
Everything under the hood looks okay. Got home this afternoon and was unloading a vanity and I thought I heard a buzzing sound and then smelled like raw fuel.

Questions, has anyone had this issue? Does it sound like mechanic error like didn't get a fuel line connected correctly or the fuel pump is messed up or the seal is leaking?
I think if it was a fuel line or seal I'd get an evap code. I know pumps can be bad and work and NOT throw any codes.

The only thing I'm afraid of is getting that, We can't feel, hear nor see it answer from the Dealer and mechanic. Before this happened this truck rode smooth and quiet like a Caddy.

Apologize for the lengthy post.

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