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My wife says I am starting a mid life crisis...maybe she's right, lol. This is my 4th Nissan Titan and by far my favorite. I have owned a 2005 XE King Cab, a 2008 SE Crew Cab and a 2011 LE Crew cab. I love my Pro 4X but I felt like it just needed a little something more to make it just a little bit better. I wanted to put this out there because i know a lot of guys out there are looking to upgrade their wheels and or tires. There are a few other minor things you can do to improve the look of this truck without spending a lot of $ also. I did a lot of research on forums and online to finally decide what to put on mine. I started with a $49 2" leveling kit I found on ebay (supreme suspensions), I know someone is going to ask "how hard was it to install the leveling kit and how long did it take? Honestly, i have installed 3 other sets of these on other trucks and they really arent hard to install (you tube is great for everything). But....I am 50 years old now and just didn't feel like dealing with it. I went to Midas and they installed the leveling kit for me and did a front end alignment for $150 bucks in an hr and a half. Next I bought the rough country smooth fender flares on Amazon for $195 (super easy to install, YOU MUST REMOVE THE EXISTING FLARES BEFORE INSTALL). Next i realized how much I hated all the chrome on the truck so went to Advance auto and bought a $13 can of Plasti Dip and blacked out all of the chrome badges, the fog lights and even the skid plate (1 can did the entire truck with 5 coats). Then after about a month of research I finally decided to go with the 18" Fuel Hostage Wheels with the Toyo Open Country R / T 33 X 12.5 tires. The tires are a hybrid (mix of A/T and M/T) I think the over all look of the truck is pretty sweet, not overly aggressive but much better than stock. I added a couple before and after pics at the bottom you can check out.

I do have a question for you guys running the AT and or MT tires, I have always had highway tires and never ran tires like this. As soon as I pulled off the lot I noticed a huge handling difference (how loose the front end felt when driving). First thing I noticed was they set the front tire pressure at 58 psi and the rear tire pressure at 70psi? What kind of pressure are you guys running on these wider A/T style tires? I dropped it to 45 psi this morning and it handled much better. I am 90% highway driving.

I hope this helps someone else make a decision.

Email if you have any questions I will be glad to offer what I can.
side.jpg wheel.jpg tireand wheelclose.jpg sidetire.jpg front.jpg front low.jpg tailgate.jpg tailgatelow.jpg beforeandafter.JPG bandafront.JPG
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