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Hello, I’ve searched this topic and I can’t seem to find one that posted a solution besides a wheel speed sensor. My truck has 25k miles on it. It has a long travel kit on it, and 35s.

So my truck had the VDC or ESC light come on and stay on. I thought maybe I stretched a speed sensor wire or something.

I kept driving it. A month goes by, I was towing my trailer, backing it in and I lost my power brakes. I look at my dash and ABS and BRAKE light join the ECS VDC light. So I buy a scanner, scan the abs module and no codes. I view the live data drive around and all my speed sensors are displaying the same speeds. I unplugged a front wheel abs sensor steering and I get the tire warning light to come on. I scan the abs module and I get c1001 or whatever the code was for the code for left front speed sensor. So it seems the scanner works.

I’m not thinking it’s a speed sensor anymore. Everything looks good on the live data scan but the right hand and left hand solinoids are giving different statuses the left solinoids all say off the right front and rear solinoids status is yet. Anyone know why that would happen?
All my fuses related to the brakes/abs are good. I can’t find anything wrong with the wiring. My steering wheel is a little crooked, so maybe that is messing with it. But I’ve driven it for over 5000 miles with a crooked steering wheel before the lights came on. I don’t know. Any ideas are appreciated.
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