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I traded in my 05 SE king cab with the offroad package and 4x4 about 2 years ago for an 05 infiniti g35 coupe. I had my fun and now I am back with an 07 Titan LE. I have a few questions.

1. I bought it used (Obviously) with more miles than I am used to having on a car at 66k. I bought an extended warranty that covers me for 3 years or up to 102,000 miles. I put about 7 - 8k miles a year on a vehicle. I usually take really good car of my vehicles. Should I be worried about paying on this truck for the next 5 - 6 years? I am not too concerned, but I am just not used to having this many miles on a vehicle.

2. It has 22" Velocity rims on it. It looks good, but I am thinking it is just not me and maybe I should trade them for some stock 18's or 20's. Will this improve gas mileage and ride quality? I think so, but am not sure. Also, if I do this, would it be fair to swap the 22's for 18's or 20's plus about $400?

3. Almost all of the black mats that sit in all of the little cubby holes, consoles, and the cup holder are missing. Is there a place I can buy all of these other than the dealership? Can they all be purchased as a package?

Thanks for all of the help and I am glad to be back in a Titan! The G was great, but too small.
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