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Hi all, I have a 13 cc 4wd. I put a 6" RC with 6" RC Lift struts last week and I have a few issues. First the lower control arm nuts and washers are garbage, I swapped them out with grade 8 and put the stank on them (just for information for those who have a popping sound over bumps or turning/braking, the controls arms will move with RC hardware).

My current problem is as follows. The truck has not be aligned yet, but she sure is sketchy to drive. Bump steer, memory steer and a general wonkyness to drive.

I'm wondering if those with experience could telle if this is just the jacked up alignment (or lack thereof) or am I missing necessary upgrades like prg end links (what would those do to improve anything anyway?) Or do I need a drop pitman or idler arm? ( Does this truck even have those?)

I know ignorant, I'm new to Titans but I'm willing to learn and own some wrenches. Guidance would be much appreciated.

The plan is to fit 20x10-24 w/ 37x12.5

Thank you for your help and letting me join the forum.
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