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Hi All,

I've driven 3 different vehicles over the last 5 years (Lexus, Ford and Dodge) that have 8+ gears in the transmissions.

I have noticed that pretty much only on deceleration, there's always a random gentle clunk coming from the rear. Nothing alarming but you can feel it clunking around back there. Not always but at least once on every trip. Usually when I'm slowing to a stop I'll feel it.

Since it's happened in all 3, I can only assume this is somewhat normal for these new high number of gears transmissions.

I know the 9 speed is new on the Titan as of 2020... I believe.

I'm wondering if the Nissan Transmission (made by Mercedes Benz I believe) is any different?

Any complaints as far as light clunks and such when deceleration (like just coming to a stop light etc).

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