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Hello everyone! In order to fit our growing family into one truck, which can no longer be done (plus gear) in our Frontier, we are about to move up to a Titan (hopefully keeping the Frontier as well). My big question if anyone can answer is whether we should get the XD. We have 5 passengers, a pop up weighing about 3000 pounds with 325 of tongue weight loaded, and 5 people worth of camping gear. Doing the math, the Frontier cannot do this with payload capacity of 1090ish. The Titan could, but then if we cap it, I'm getting worried even that would cut it close if we overpack, especially if it is an SV. The XD would do it easily. Is it worth it to get the XD with the far greater payload? Does anyone have complaints about the length and turning compared to the regular Titan or Frontier?
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