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I’ve had a metallic roulette wheel noise coming out of what I think is the driver side for about a month or more.
Mechanic #1 wrote on the cover page that the driveshaft rear joint is bad. On the inspection checklist page he wrote that the front shaft joint is bad. Does this mean the same thing but in different words?
He told me that the car wasn’t worth fixing and to get rid of the car.
In order for me to sell it I have to fix the problems. So in essence I need to deal with this because I don’t have a choice.
This leads me to mechanic number 2 (who advertise as being Japanese auto specialists in Edison, NJ). They told me that the noise was coming from the front propeller shaft and that the front prop shaft needed to be replaced. They quoted me a price of $700.00 for the part. I thought that was high and asked if I could buy my own part. They said yes and that the labor charge would go up by $50.00 dollars (a total of $165 per hour). Days later I asked what exactly was wrong with the driveshaft that it needed to be replaced instead of replacing the U- Joints? The young guy at the desk said that the driveshaft comes as one unit and that the U joints don’t get put in separately? Is this true?
I’m stumped because I swore that what I researched said different.
Ok so I already bought a $297.79 front propeller shaft by Doorman but now I’m asking myself if maybe I should find yet another mechanic and have all the U- Joints (for the front and rear drive shafts) replaced. No mention yet from any of the mechanics about the rear drive shaft.
I’m getting a nagging feeling that I’m not getting satisfactory explanations or being dealt with honestly. Am I crazy?
Yes, I am a woman and maybe that’s why the mechanics or desk staff talk to me like I’m learning disabled. I don’t like to think that because what other people think isn’t my business. My frustration comes from waisting time and money in a rabbit hole since I bought this car @ 89.5K miles.
So far I’ve put 2K miles on the car and am spending more than I anticipated in order to make it nice and safe.
I could really use the advice of someone who knows about the Infiniti QX56’s (Armadas etc). I drove a 97 Toyota 4Runner for 20 years and never had real issues till the end at 282K miles.
PS if anyone know of a really good and honest mechanic who likes to explain things in the area of Belleville, NJ, please let me know. Super grateful for any advice.
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