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Hello Everyone and Thank You for your time in reading this...

This post might be a little long winded, so bare with me. Just trying to give as much info as I can, so I can help you, help me.

The Truck 2015 CC SV 4x4. October or so of 2019 while washing the truck my wife and I noticed beads of water coming from the corners of the 1/4 rear windows (we have the power rear window). Nothing major, so we didn't do much about it. Jan 2020. We are washing the truck and notice now the carpet in the rear of the truck farthest corner on the passenger side is soaking wet. Not good. I take the truck to a local glass shop. They water test it and find that indeed it is leaking from the 1/4 windows but the interior needs to be somewhat removed so they can see exactly how bad it is. The glass shop didn't want to do that part and advised I go to a body shop to have the interior pulled. I took it to a local body shop, where I explained everything. The body shop said, we can fix it here, no need to go back to the glass shop. So that is what I did. The body shop removed the head liner, all the rear plastics and such to get access to the rear window. They found that the window was leaking in multiple areas. They called me up and recommended to just put in a new rear window. So they ordered the part. The new part comes in and the frame that holds to 2 side windows looked cracked. Feeling it wouldn't work, they sent it back to Nissan and requested another one. 2nd window comes in. It too looked like it had cracks in the frame. The Body shop decided to try and repair the cracks and install the window. It leaked. They took it back out, re glued it, re installed and it still leaked. So they sent it back to Nissan and got a 3rd one. The 3rd one comes in, cracks in the frame just like the other 2. They tried the same remedies as before, installed the glass and it leaks. They pulled it out re sealed it again, water tested and it leaked. By this time, the body shop has the truck going on 3 weeks. Body Shop calls me up, shows me whats going on and says Nissan won't give them another window. That 3 were exchanged, 3 came in damaged (body shop believes) Nissan won't do any more exchanges. Truck is still all apart on the inside at this point. They asked me what I wanted to do because as far as they are concerned its a part quality issue and they are unable to do the repair. I needed the truck to go visit my parents and it was snowing where they live. I needed the 4x4 of the truck. So I told them, well, put the original window back in and send this one back....well....we can't do that they say. Why? The original window broke taking it out. So I had to pay $960 for a new leaky rear window. My wife and I just washed the truck yesterday. Now the Drivers side farthest rear corner is soaking wet. I can't leave it like this. So what do you guys recommend? Are Nissan OEM parts for the 1st Gen Titans being made by a 3rd party now somewhere in China or what? Why would 3 NEW OEM rear windows come in with cracked frames? Who would be better to fix something like this? Go to a Glass Shop? Another Body Shop? Or go to Nissan? Where I live its slim pickings. Quality of work is not the norm where I live. I was thinking of driving the truck to my folks area (Prescott, AZ) look for a place there to fix it. Maybe the quality of work would be better there than here in the Imperial Valley California where I live. Just would like your advice. Is this a common issue? My Sisters 2005 Titan she bought new in 2005 her window doesn't leak. I mean what gives???

Thanks for reading this....any advice would be much appreciated....
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