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After market hitch setup

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I purchased after market towing equipment for my XE. I'm trying to decide where to mount the electrical recepticle on the truck. I bought a combo plug for a 7 pin round or 4 pin flat. It connects up to the existing Titan wiring. I hate to drill into the bumper and it is probably unwise to drill into the hitch itself. Anybody installed anything like this yet? I am wide open to suggestions.
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If you tow quite a bit then you might want to locate it somewhere convenient by drilling a nice clean hole in the bumper. Otherwise, maybe use zip ties to hold it tight to the hitch. That worked for an older F-150 we have at work where we have to tow a few different trailers that have different harnesses.
I know how you feel about drilling into the bumper. I faced the same delima on my old truck. Ultimately, I zip-tied the pin flush with the box tube receiver opening. I never really liked it and it wasn't great functionally. If you go to a truck accessory store, they will have brackets you can buy that have a clean, finished look. If I had it to do over, I'd buy one of these and get the drill...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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