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Aftermarket DVD in headrests

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I just purchased my 04 Titan and the sales guy said that I could add the stock DVD after the purchase, but after speaking with the parts kit is available. The told me that they just had an aftermarket system installed into an Armada and they thought it was great. According to them, the headrests in the Titan were the same as the Armada.

Has anyone seen these installed? The revolution system looks great, but I do not see any Nissan applications listed at all! I emailed the company, but no response yet.
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Haven't seen one yet. However, I've got the bench option and it has a HUGE padded top...well, I'm thinking about putting a monitor in it. Of course it will have to swivel 360 and fold flat into the cushion for protection.

I haven't worked out the details just yet, though....still in the brainstorming stage. :idea:
here is what ive had done im getting the headrest done next week...


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