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Aftermarket Muffler Advice

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Okay fellas,

I'm wanting to change out the muffler in the beast. Can I just do that, instead of going full out with a 'cat-back' exhaust? Our system is a 2.5" system isn't it? What are some of your suggestions for the muffler swap? I'm not wanting something VERY LOUD, but I do want to help the beast exhale better....

Ideas? Thanks in advance.....

Firecracker :)
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IF you want it tame and don't want to have to get an entire new system. Get a 70 series Flowmaster Single in/out that way you can use the equipment on there now.
I'll get you part number for the right muffler.

part # 52570 or 52471 either will work I believe. One has the out offset a little. Either should work.
here is the link to buy at summitracing
right at $100.00 not too bad. probably 40 to 50 to have it put on. Should be able to get it done for under 200 for sure. Now if you want dual out then you will pay more and you will need a different muffler. Let me know what you think. I'll help you however I can to figure out what you want and need. I went through all this about a month after I got my Titan. I have the 50 series dual in dual out and love it.
Thanks, that would be great!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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