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Alignment cautions..

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I have the OR package and after installing the leveling kit i went to get a FEA... (front end alignment).

first there was the problem of finding someone (other than Nissan) who had the specs for the Titan 4x4.. and someone who had the proper equipment to fit the wheel since theres like no lip for the alignment machines heads to catch..

long story short.. they put 2 gouges in my rim :cry:

of course they denied it.. and i replied.. "look this truck has 1547 miles on it.. and only on road miles at that.. the marks are exactly where your machines heads were on the rim..."

moral of the story..
pick your Alignment shop carefully.
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That sucks man. Are they a big chain or small town shop. Let us know the name so others can avoid them. If its a big chain you may want to send a letter to the higher ups. Might help. If not it may get someone reemed at least. Good luck
It was just a local tire/mechanic shop...
but they are under NEW management...

the previous owner passed away recently and was a real good fella to deal with..
these guys left a bitter taste..I wont be back.

and word of mouth spreads...
Word of mouth and internet forums. LOL just give their name here. That way people in your area won't get screwed too.
Hey Vector, just curious. How much did the leveling kit go for?
USMCUglyAngel said:
Hey Vector, just curious. How much did the leveling kit go for?

$199 shipped...

well worth it, truck looks so much better now
Ah I believe that is PrerunnerGreg's lift.
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