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Well, I guess technically I am not a Lady Titan, seeing as how my hubby pays for our's :lol: But I was just curious, how many ladies enjoy driving the Titan?? I *LOVE* it!! But I am so bad with parking (unless it's the slanted spaces) and backing up that I only drive it to Walmart or to visit family. I am always scared I'm going to crash into somebody else's car. I never realized how HUGE these trucks are 8O Our 2001 Dodge Ram that we traded in was nothing near this big. I guess with time I will learn how to better maneuver this thing!! Just wondered if any ladies owned a Titan of their own, of if you enjoy driving your hubby's truck?? Sure beats my Volvo, which is old as the hills and has no air conditioning 8O Not trying to complain...I'm grateful to have a car to drive at all. But BOY, that is one freakin' HOT car to drive. (When is WINTER coming, I'm tired of the heat!!) I'm talking, you sweat bullets in that bad boy. It's pretty bad when you have to carry deodorant and perfume along with you when you have someplace to go, LOL :lol: So I'd rather drive the Titan anyday. But to be honest, I'd rather just be a passenger :p People on the roads make me NERVOUS!!
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