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anyone have the rockford system?

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hey i picked up my titan last week and love it so far. only thing i can really gripe about is the sound system is so-so. i was just wondering where all the speakers are located in the rockford sytem? i dont have it, but was just curious to where all the extra speakers were placed. in the non fosgate system im pretty sure that there are 6x9's in the front doors, 6.5's in rears, and an odball size in the dash, looks like 2.5 to me. also, did anyone ever swap out the stock speakers, if so how were the results? it would be nice to get a nice set of seperates and place the tweeters where the dash speakers are.
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Hey Veedo, I've got the fosgate system and I have to say it sounds wonderful to me! I mean, I'm not one to want everyone in the neighborhood to hear my system, but it will blast out pretty good. The best factory system I've ever heard. Okay, here's the rundown. It's a 10 speaker, 350 watt system. 1 in each door. (that's 4) 2 in the dash. (6) 2 small tweets at the top of the rear doors. (eight) 1 right in the middle of the dash, behind where the GPS is or would be. (9) And then 1 8" sub under the driver's seat. (10) The sub is fun too cause it gives your seat quite a charge when you crank it!!!

Hope this helps.
By the way, I have seen some custom boxes to put under the rear seats. Not sure where I saw it but they are out there!
cool beans, thanks for the info! thats odd they put the tweets in the tops of the rear doors, are they pointed towards the front seats or rear passengers?
actually they are just facing the opposite side of the truck. I'm not sure how effective they are. Probably meant for the rear passengers though.
I'm planning to replace all my speakers soon. I've been told the crew cab has 6.5" speakers in the front and rear doors, with seperate tweeter locations near the top of the rear doors. It looks like, as you mentioned, about a 2 or 2.5" speaker on either corner of the dash, with probably about the same size for the center channel location. The sub under the drivers sear will be coming out and replaced with a custom enclosure for another 8" woofer. I'm trying to keep the stock look over all.
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