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Arkansas TITAN Owners! WELCOME!

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Texas Titan owner here but I am from Arkansas. I love this truck. I had a Frontier and liked it ok but when you drive the Titan its like damn nice truck. Any Texas owners out there.
Welcome aboard canteentitan Nice to have you here. I'm sure we will have some people from your area soon. We are kinda new so its happening slow right now.
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I am in Austin. I am from Little Rock originally. Thanks for the welcome. Good to be here.
Firecracker - sounds like your on to something - I know that there has to be a lot more Titan owners around Central AR from the looks of the sales lots. I'd like to see a meeting to see what kind of mods are being put on other Titans. I know that there a couple of folks from central AR on TitanTalk.
Next time the Nissan Jet comes in, maybe a BIG photo op with a few dozen Titans!! :D
Van Buren Titan owner

Firecracker as a 2 time Titan owner 2004 now 2009 Crew Cab 4x4 I am surprised that accessories have not really caught up with our trucks. Items I purchased in 2004 are not as available now, (due to low sales volumns) on the Titan. Too bad this is an excellent truck Nissan hit the target dead center when they engineered it, and the big 3 and Toyota have been trying to 1 up it since its inception now 5 years in. Nissan has done little subtile changes which makes parts available but not so much really custom accessoires. I do remember when Mountain Top Industries had the bed bed cap available, now they have pulled out of the us no one in the states sells them anymore. Bumper guards made for the truck look like hang on parts not really formed to the vehicle. Nothing to protect the lower areas around the driving lights, I know I have hit and killed 2 deer 1 each with both of my trucks and both times I lost the lower bumper areas. If yo know of any manufactures acessories sites that reall sell CUSTOM accessories. please send them on. This truck probably will not be a mudder or rock climber but it is nice to know if I decide to do this, the vehicle is most capable.
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