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Armada Power Windows

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Been having power window issues. Anybody else? Have a fix?
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:?: :?: What kind of problems you having?

I haven't really noticed any with mine, yet.
01SCSS said:
Been having power window issues. Anybody else? Have a fix?
Can I assume your power windows are jumping and not going up or down smoothly? IF so your destined to a dealer visit because they'll have to adjust the window regulator and the tracks to smooth it out. It's unfortunately a very common problem. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you...

Oh and welcome to the site.. :D
The problem I'm having is the window sometimes doesn't work other times it does. It always eventually works but.........
Which window is working intermittently? If it's one that isn't opened very often (rear doors, for example), have someone operate the window controls while you push in on the window a bit. A lot of times dirt will build up under the weatherstripping on the window and it will "cement" the window in place. This may or may not work for you, but it's worth trying before making a trip to the dealer. Another thing to look at; is your vehicle equipped with the child locks on the window controls? Perhaps it's enabled and if someone is trying to open a window from any position but the driver's door, it won't open. Just guessing here; you didn't say which window(s) are having problems or what the circumstances are when trying to open them.
01SCSS said:
Been having power window issues. Anybody else? Have a fix?
I have had similar problems and have not seen anything on it yet.
I have a Titan SE Crew cab Smoke, power captains seats, RFS, yadda yadda.
I noticed that once in a while the drivers side window dosen't roll up when I activate the switch? Here I thought I was the only one. Like you stated, When I try it a time or two more it eventually works.... I just turned 1000 miles and don't believe mine are cemented closed by dust or debris....
I do not have my rain shields mounted yet....
I checked to make sure my window lock switch was not engaged....
This all started after I found out about and tried the neat little roll the window down with the key fob and key in the door tricks. I wonder if there is a conection?
Anyway, I will be interested in reading about this issue. I need to take mine to the dealer to get the radio head unit replaces to deal with the fade issue.
I'll mention it before I go and see if they can take a look. I'll report out when I get it back....
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