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ok, while at dealer paying for my driveshaft bolts (had to go out to service writers's area to cc printer), there infront of me was a black cc "texas" titan...I have never heard (or seen for that matter) a texas titan.....i keyed in on the rear rotors and noticed that they are totally different than is mine...
so i asked the parts mgr. who was helping me about it and showed him mine and we got to talking....he pulled up 'rotor' on computer and it showed only 1 rotor for "all" titans....which got me asking more as to why mine was different... so he went and pulled that guys vin and looked it up, showed the same number....which got me asking, "is it the pads that are new" we looked that up and wouldn't you know it - those got superceded to a new pad as well....SO, here are the OEM rotors/pads needed:

43206-7s000 - rear rotor
40206-zc00a - front rotor
44060-zc026 - rear pad
41060-zc027 - front pad

again, i had been told by the dealer from where i bought the truck that there is nothing that can be done about the rears, that that is the way they are....guess they pretty much don't have a clue

i had always wondered why the contact area of the pad was SO small to the rotor....i had been asking all over about 'upgraded' pads and everyone said there was NO such thing....GUESS i was asking the wrong people...

you can see in the left pix (passenger side) that the slide sleeve for the pad, that it is all rusted....if you were to look 'down' at the pads, they go at an angle (that is the top thickness of pad is almost full, and the bottom has the wear indicator slightly rubbing) - makes me think they are original and should have been switched when the fronts were done due to the shuddering issue....someone went cheap and i guess i bought all their problem - along w/ the front suspension and all 4 shocks needing replacements.....yeah for me, i guess i get to make it all my own now.

P.S. anyone ever heard of a 'texas' titan???


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