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Back up Sensor install.

Bully Dog P-1410

I ordered the hard wired version of this system but they shipped the “wireless” version. OK by me.. Thanks. The only difference is there is no wire going from the rear of the truck to the LCD monitor.

Here is where I got it:;wizard=&s=

First off choose where you want to mount it. I chose above the rear view mirror and slightly to the left. Now disconnect your negative wire from your battery.

Next, chase the monitor wire down the head liner, then down the A-pillar to the driver side kick panel. You could do the other side but I chose this one.

Now mount the receiver. A zip tie does just fine. Make sure it will fit behind the kick panel then plug the monitor in.

Oh, You need switched ACC power for the receiver. I tapped into the power for my gauge pod which is powered by the passenger side ACC plug that is not hot all the time (only when the truck is on).
Sorry, no pic….

Now, mark your bumper for drilling. The instructions give you some guidelines but I chose 7.5” in from the edge and 18” in from the edge of the bumper for the inner sonars. I chose the height by going to the dealership and measuring some 08’s etc…. Put masking tape then mark your holes.

I used a spring loaded awl to mark the drill points so my drill bit would not “drift” a “manual” awl or a steady drill would suffice. I don’t recommend drilling without an awl though.

Drill a pilot hole.

Use the supplied hole saw to drill the mounting holes. This hole saw is surprisingly strong and sharp. I coulda drilled 10 holes no problem….

Now that all 4 holes are drilled you can mount the sensors…. The instructions say to mount in the following order:

A: passenger outer
B: passenger inner
C: driver inner
D: driver outer





Then plug them into the routing terminal like this (per instructions):


Not so, but it didn’t surprise me as the instructions are very vague and are mostly pictures and prose with very bad syntax (Chinese)
The plugs are reversed. If you mount them like described above the following sequence is what is needed:


Notice the un-used plug on the right? That is for LCD feed to the monitor if you have the hard wired version.

Now push the sonar sensors in the holes. A very snug fit. Notice the angular wedges on the sensors? There are 2 degrees of wedges supplied. Most vehicles do not need any. I chose the lesser of the 2 wedges as my truck is not lifted that high. A Frontier I installed this on didn’t need any of these.

Time to mount the wiring router. Remove the rear lighting housing. Two 10mm bolts and pull it towards the back of the truck. Use screws to mount it in the light well making sure it will not impede with the reinstallation of light. This terminal needs power. Reverse only power that is… Find the reverse light socket in the light housing. This light has a black and red wire. Enough said? Tap into these so the transmitter/router/terminal will send a signal to the receiving unit (monitor) and it will turn on when in reverse. Now route wires from the sensors across backside of the bumper and up into the rear light well and plug the sensors in.

Reverse light wires:

Secure all wires with wire loom and zip ties.
Before buttoning everything up make sure it works. I turned my key to ON, pushed the brake pedal, put it in reverse and had my daughter walk behind the truck (no the truck was not running) This is when I noticed the sensors where reversed. When she was walking past the driver sensor it was showing passenger. When you first turn the system on you will hear 4 beeps. That means it is reading all 4 sensors… If you don’t hear 4 beeps sumfin is wrong….

OK some pics/vids.

Chair placed at 24”:

What the monitor said:

Chair placed at 48” The system is flashing 3.93' and 3.05' it was bouncing between 2 sensors off of the chair set at an angle

What the system read:

I am very pleased with this. Money well spent IMO.. Have I ever backed into something? No. But this really gives you peace of mind.

One more thing. This system has audio to, which you can shut off or turn down if you want to. From 8’ you hear a slow beep, as you get closer it gets faster, at 1’ it turns to a solid warning beep… Hope that covers it all.

Oh notice the OEM look? Except for the wires hangin down. LOL. I forgot to take a final install pic


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Thanks for posting this.

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I like that, I was looking to get a backup sensor. I was getting ready to make the long haul from California to Alaska, I had to go to L.A. for my wife's passport to go through canada. I stopped and ate at a Micky D's, went to back up looked before backing up. Damn it if someone didn't pull in behind me. It was a scion, damn near ripped his whole bumper off. To my truck just only a little scratch, nearly ripping his bumper off from only going less than 7 mph! I have the avic d-3 and my just get a back up camera for it. I do like the stock look.
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