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Bushwacker Fender Flares

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Was very pleased with these. They are well formed to the Titan Wheel wells, and installation was a piece of cake! No drilling involved at all. Simply either remove splash guards, or plugs if you don't have guards. Run screws into existing factory holes, and also supplied fender clips. Directions were very easy to follow, and can have a professional looking job, with the satisfaction of doing it yourself! I didn't purchase mine here, but have been told about this link where you can get them for $320.00 plus a $12.00 handling fee, FREE SHIPPING!
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Looks good!! Did they require painting? What about Titans with the storage box on them? They realy make the truck look tuff.
No, I did not paint them. They are paintable though, not all brands are! They are only available for trucks WITH bed locker box.
I want some soo bad. If I ever get an extra buck or two I will. My thing though is I have a silver Titan. If I was to get some I am afraid I would have to have them painted. I dont think they would look right black on the silver like that. If any of you have them black on silver Titan please post a picture I would like to see what it looks like. Having trouble getting the visual in my head.
I had black ones on one of my older hardbody's, and the were a great looking accent! I think the black would look good, tieing in the black on mirrors, and bumpers
Side locker box

They wont go on a TITAN without the side locker box??? :?
What Bushwacker is offering is a package that has the left rear wheel coming in a 2 piece to allow for the box. It would not work without the box.
That sucks..... :cry: :cry: They really look good on the TITAN!
Titan_Fan said:
That sucks..... :cry: :cry: They really look good on the TITAN!
I would think they will offer it for Titans without the box very soon.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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