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Looking for some guidance. One day the manual transmission worked the next day it didn't. I was doing the fuel gauge recall the day before a trip to Colorado this past summer. Dealer claimed transmission line leak, did the work as I was leaving early next morning, felt no choice. Well, no manual transmission capabilities. Took it back to dealer after trip since they worked on transmission line. They opened up column and showed me the black wire was pulled out. Gave me a quote of a few hundred $$ (200 - 300, I think). Obviously I said no.

Opening up the column I see a black wire that has been pulled away. Not sure how this happened, but wonder what options I have or what much needs to be replaced. Is it a DIY job?
2007 Titan CC XE, stock no mods.


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This is a common problem. You can fix it yourself. If you search I think you will find a couple of threads on this.
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