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Hi all!

I have a 2008 Crew cab titan and i live in the US Virgin Islands, and the roads are beating the crap out of my tires. Bridge Stone Dueler A/T's didnt last more than 15k miles. I need something that wont cringe vs the worst roads you've ever driven on. Tough rocky terrain, kasha trees with 3 inch hardwood spikes, potholes that make you go "WTF!!" I need a long lasting tough M/T tire!

*I want to keep stock rims and avoid lift kits.
*Current tire size is 265/70/R18
*6 spoke stock rims

I have a friend with Mickey Thompsons ATZ and he loves them, but they say i need a lift kit, when the mickey tire is same diameter 33"

What is the toughest, long lasting M/T tire that will fit my stock rims or am i stuck buying rims or lifting as well?

Thank you
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