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OK, the exhaust is installed! Install was probably the easiest exhaust job I have ever done! Total time for the uninstall of stock system, and install of the Gibson was 45 minutes on a lift! Doing the cat back system is a piece of cake! The front most part of the stock exhaust is removed by taking 2 nuts off each flange at the cats. Behind the muffler you have another connecting flange that requires 2 more nuts removed to disassemble. Once you have those 6 nuts off, the entire system from the cats back basically slide apart!

The fit and finish on the Stainless Gibson single was fantastic! The Y pipe fit absolutely perfect to the cats, no muscling into place required. From there, I just slid all the pieces together, letting the muffler, and tail section hang from the slide mounts. Once I got all the pieces into place with a loose tightening of clamps, I went back and tightened everything up. The double wall, rolled, inter-cooled tip looks absolutely stunning! I could not believe how heavy that thing was! It connects with 2 supplied bolts that squeeze a integrated clamp down against the tail pipe. When installing the tip, be sure that you have it extend well out past the bottom of the fender. Failure to do so will make the sound resonate under the bed of the truck, creating an awful drone, not to mention excessive cab noise.

I absolutely love the sound this system has given my Titan! There is no drone what so ever, at any speed in the cab. At highway cruising speed, it is only slightly louder then the stock system. When you jump on her though, this system really barks! I was playing with it keeping it in a lower gear and running the rpms up and letting it back down as if downshifting in traffic. My son that was with me commented on how everybody was starring at us, it will definitely attract attention if you want it to! Here are some pics of the install.

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