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CC Cargo net

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I have been thinking of getting a cargo net, just to have. My wife used my last truck for a furniture run to daughters collage. It looked like rain, so she tarped the stuff with one of those blue throw away tarps. The back came loose, she didn't notice, and it beat the pi*s out of my tailgate, leaving little chips out of the paint! (I handled it very well by the way) I am thinking that if you would put a cargo net over a tarp, you should be safe. Any ideas where to get one? I am thinking the bungee type that has the plastic hooks all around it. I know I have seen them, just can't remember where. (dang old age)
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I know exactly what you are talking about. I call mine the "spidey web". I believe I got it at Harbor Freight tools. Who knows? Walmart might have it by now.
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