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Greetings, been a long time CT.

Over the weekend, I installed a Clarion vx400 with the Metra install kit.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the results. We spend most of the time on the install figuring out the wiring, then soldering everything together.

However, with the Metra kit... I end up with some open "space" at the top of my head unit. It fits fine on the sides, and bottom. The problem is that the surround trims that came with the clarion are designed to be inside the panel, not on top. With the curved face on the titan, it means that the "top" of the radio is flush, and the bottom of the radio sticks out. Suggestion on how to address this? I was thinking of perhaps plastic welding a piece of the trim bezel to the top of the faceplate from the inside.

I'm also looking for switches that will fit the knock outs below the radio for my DVD switch. Anyone have a source for them?

I also installed a PAC switch to retain my steering wheel controls. It's okay, better than nothing I suppose. It seems "slow" to recognize the button push, then "fast" to react. Oh well. I can change the volume and mute the unit from the wheel and that's what matters most.
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