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ClubTitan Decals (again)

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Cmon guys, we have almost 400 members and I can't sell more then 10 decals?????? They look great on the truck, and are only $3.50 each, shipped to you!
Once again, here is what they look like

If interested in one, you can paypal (checking transfer only, no charges) at
[email protected]. If you want to send check or money order
Bill Hastings
836 Grove Ave.
New Brighton, Pa. 15066
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I like my sticker. I was at a construction site this morning when a worker saw the decal and asked me if Club Titan was a strip bar (although he used a different word then "strip"). He was seriously asking too, so I told him, yes it was. :lol:


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Come on guys....get you one (or two) of them. They do start some conversations! Here's mine:
Titan_TX said:
They are on the way! :D
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