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Hey guys i've done quite a bit of searching on here but haven't found anything on this specific problem...
I have an 08 Titan 5.6 of course Pro4X. It has 230k. If any of that matters...
Anyway, I let the battery go down listening to the stereo one afternoon and it was tough to start but it did start and I let it run for 30 min or so to charge.
After I cut it off I went to crank it again to make sure it was good and it hasn't ran since. This has been several weeks of troubleshooting ago so now I turn to you.
The truck will turn over several times before finally hitting and running for just a few seconds and then going dead. It spits and sputters.
I have replaced battery with new, checked all fuses and relays, opened gas cap (has half tank of gas or more) Tried some of the resets shown on here, unplugged MAF, etc, and nothing has changed.
You can smell gas like it is flooding out after trying to start a couple times.
The fuel pump runs like normal when key is turned on for a couple seconds per listen test.
I have not hooked a test light or meter up to anything yet... Is that my next step?
It just seems ironic that it would be fuel delivery related when it had been running fine and I let my battery get low and then I have issues, But I could believe it.
Thanks in advance for any help/ideas!
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