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As the Title states.. I made a video of my exhaust today, but I decided to try out this new RODE Videomic ME external microphone I got for my Galaxy S7 Active. Its a directional microphone that comes with a diffuser. I didn't use the diffuser on this video but I will on the next.

Figured I'd give it a shot to see how it sounded on my exhaust.

Exhaust is modified pacesetters that are 1-3/4 x 3'' with Vibrant 4-1 stainless merge collectors using stainless self aligning Vband clamps.

B pipes are 3'' custom length provided by Cajun B pipes to my specs, which also have Vbands and are catless.

The rest of the system is similar to Cajuns Y pipe setup but in 3'' and it goes into a 2-1 Vibrant merge collector with 3" inlets x 3.5'' outlet.

After the Y pipe outlet there is single 3.5'' piping into my old Borla XR1 3.5'' in/out oval sportsman muffler then into a Vibrant 3.5'' in/out muffler acting as a gigantic Ultra Quiet. Same design just larger casing. Then the exhaust is dumped pre axle.

Headers are ceramic coated Jet black with Cerakote. AFR sensors mounted in collector bungs.

Note* The reason the B pipes are routed under the crossmember is due to the fact that when I started the header project, I wasn't able to supply a truck for fitment as these were modified in california based off what would be close enough to work. Other than that they work really well and were intended to be used for Titans with camshaft upgrades etc and full bolt ons. That is why...
If i did it all over again to get it to route over the cross member I would just move the vibrant merge collectors up another 4'' or so max and it would've cleared the Crossmember with a smooth bend transition. I didn't think the cross member was this close nor did i realize the headers would hang down at that angle that far. Oh well. They work and don't leak at all. Plus they perform really well. I'm thinking of doing another set eventually.

This is during the installation of the custom 3'' B pipes and Vibrant 3'' x 3.5'' 2-1 merge collector used as a Y pipe. All stainless steel and connected with Vibrant self aligning stainless Vband clamps.

Below is using the same RODE microphone, but in cab doing a 20-85mph pull to see how well it picks up engine/exhaust sound from inside the cabin. Overall i'm very pleased with this microphone.

These images below are of my old Doug Thorley Long Tubes 1-5/8 x 2.5'' with cajun catless 2.5'' B pipes into cajun/vibrant 2.5'' x 3.5'' 2-1 merge collector Y pipe. Same Borla XR1 3.5'' muffler retained in the above install. Disgarded the Vibrant bottle resonator and DC sports parts house tip. Everything here shown is sold....

Enjoy, this was a long post lol. But I've been modifying this truck for years and want to spread the word and show the world that this stuff can be done on a titan. Just takes time and some effort/money.
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