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Alright, I was asked to make a new thread about the Orlando Convoy.

We are going to meet at the Rest Area before the Daytona exit. Its the only rest area between Orlando and Daytona. Unless, they made a new one, but I highly doubt it.

The time to leave is 11.15am sharp. Anyone can come join this meet unless you have a toyota, dodge, chevy, peugot, ferrari, porsche, etc... Than, you must find another convoy to join because those cars will be too slow to run with the Titan Convoy.


Time: Leaving @ 11.15 sharp
Where: Rest Area between Orlando and Daytona
When: 20100918
How: Drive your or your buddies Nissan Titan


1. Pinoytitan
2. Gary748s
3. DeepH20
4. SlickNick
5. OnethespotDetail
6. Sampsonator
7. Austingreaney
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