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last most i asked to some of you if you guys ever heart any noises from the bottom of the enginne, when you get a bump or when you guys drive in a parking garage that has several levels, but nobody had a problems like that so i thought it might be the suspetion or something like that and i forgot about it.
Yesterday i did my firt oil change and when i got under thr truck to take the metal part that covers the engine i notice that i only have 3 screws and not 4 when i put a little bit pression of the metal part i also notice that make a noise cause one end was lose, i when to hardware store i get a similar screw and i tie all them well, now the noise is gone, thanks god.
I also perforned the wire conection from the battery ground to the engine frame, first i was not sure if this will work so i did not wanna spend $ in the 4g 32'' wire so i use some speaker wire that i have at home and i fix it homeleess stile lol i went for a ride and i can t hear the ticking noise under the dash board no more wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i can t believe a wire will make that thing go away but it did, so i bouth the right wire ( autozone has it for 3.99) and i will install it tomorrow when i have more time.
Now i just need to find out how do i get rid off the noises that i have in the driver and pasanger doors, for what i can tell the noises come from the arm rest, looks like 2 pieces are put together and those 2 touch each other making a wird noise.
I m so happy i got to fix something and now the truck sounds much more normal
Thanks everybody for your suport and help.
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