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Dodge rims

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I have a set (4) of factory Dodge 16" chrome wheels. I have the centers and new lugs for them. They are in great shape, but taking up space, with no use for them. I will take $100.00 for everything (you couldn't buy stock steel wheels for that). I will travel a reasonable distance to meet someone. I live in New Brighton, Pa. (25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh)
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I will pass the word to my friends at work who have Dodges.
Thanks K9, I have been thinking about getting an XM radio, but can't bring myself to give up the cash. I figure if I sell something I have, its free money and I will get it! :D
Why not offer them up on ebay?
Caltitan said:
Why not offer them up on ebay?
Not in any big hurry to get rid of them, just thought of it tonight. I will if I get no response.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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