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Ok, I know I'm new on this site and I actually don't even own a titan....I own an old 1996 chevy with the vortec 5.7 engine----intake manifold and fuel pump Hoooooo!

I ordered the thorley 302y-fed-c headers from a crotch in Arizona, who promptly sent me the Titan header listed below, well after waiting for my headers to be built by Thorley and than sent by mr Con-ley, they never got built.
So I said -refund please, the Crotch said sure.....but never came through. All this was 120 days+++++ later so Papal and my bank said -tough ******* fella!
So, now have these NIB-never been opened headers sitting in my basement.
If you need proof I have them, I can send you pics with requests on current date, funny finger poses, or any other reasonable configuration you request.
Thanks for looking!
Brian G

brand new, never installed Doug Thorley Long Tube headers for the Nissan Titan. Part number: THY-481Y-L-C

View the 2004-2009 Nissan Titan and Armada Headers 5.6L V8 Long Tube Off-Road Only at

575 shipped to the lower 48
550 picked up in the Portland OR /Vancouver WA area.
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