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Electronic Trailer Brake on a Big Tow Package

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:lol: TITAN Electronic Trailer Brake
I bought a new Nissan Titan Last Friday nite 10/01 with a BIG TOW Package and I asked the sales person about the electronic trailer brake system to my disappointment he could not anaswer the question but referred me to the parts department. The parts department did not know what was required to put on a electronic triler brake system.

QUESTION: With a BIG TOW PACKAGE Do I need a special
wire harness/adapter or is it ready for a Electronic
Trailer Brake System like a Prodigy?
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You shouldn't need any additional parts beside the brake controller itself. There is an underdash plug that is prewired with what you need. You should also have the harness that plugs into that in your glove box(atleast that is where mine was)just cut and splice that harness into the plug that comes with the brake controller, plug it in, mount it and you should be good to go.
Welcome red to clubtitan. Hope you enjoy it here...

Here's a pic of where your trailer brake connector is and like Nate said you should have received a harness of which they usually throw in the glovebox.

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:lol: Thanks for the information to those who have responded to my question. Looks like the Dealership where I purchased my TITAN took out the harness out of the glove box. UUUMMMMM, I wonder what other items I am missing...
When you wire the Prodigy, make sure you hook the right wires to each other or it can fry the brake controller.

After studying the wires, and determining none of the same colors existed...I went to the hitch shop. He wired it correctly, and I hooked it up and installed it under the dash. I didn't want the headache worrying about the wires.

Thanks for your post. I know its an old one but if you still have the pic can you make it available again? It no longer displays with your post. Many thanks!!

Thanks for your post. I know its an old one but if you still have the pic can you make it available again? It no longer displays with your post. Many thanks!!
The harness would look like this....


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or you can buy one already set-up for the Titan. You only need to connect it to the harness under the steering column and mount it.

Like this:

The last brake controller I bought required a vehicle specific harness that goes between the controller and the tow package harness on the vehicle. This is so they can use one controller for any make vehicle. It was about $17 if I remember right. ...Jim
I also use the Prodigy Brake Controller when towing my 30ft Jayco Travel Trailer.

When I bought my '08, I purchased a pre-made harness from Camping World like the one pictured here

IMHO it's a cleaner install and no splicing required! About $20 bucks.


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hey colo, that is the EXACT spot i put my prodigy lol
LOL! Great minds think alike?

I just purchased a draw-tight controller,, I think I have the wiring figured out but I am looking for ideas of where to mount the controller..

Judging by the picture's my controller is smaller and should fit in the pocket on side of console...

Has anyone mounted a unit in there ?? It appears to be a protected area and I still can access the controls...
I have mine in the same place as the photo above. Seems like a logical spot (drill 2 screw holes in the bottom edge of the dash). You don't want to be kicking it when you get in or out of the vehicle but, you want to be able to reach it easy to apply the brakes manually some times. Mine is a Hayes. Does not matter whos controller you use. They all work about the same. I robbed mine off my Ford F-150 when I got rid of it because the controller was almost new. I just ordered a new harness that fit the Titan and left the old harness for the new owner of my Ford to use. ...RVH
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