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Extended Warranty

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How many have them? How many have ever used them, and were you happy with them? Do you feel they are necessary? I ask, as a aftermarket market company I had checked on some time ago is now offering me a "Premier Plus" policy for $300.00 off the original quote. That would give me 5 year/70,000 bumper to bumper for $900.00. I had a warranty similar to this a few years back that came with a used truck I bought, and it was basically useless. This one looks pretty good! For those with the time, here is the policy:

Any comments/perspectives would be appreciated.
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I want to purchase an extended service plan and this looks pretty good. What I like about it is that the date starts from the day you by the plan. So in my case, I would buy it a few days before the basic goes out and I would have how ever many years I purchase. I don't need to worry about the mileage because I don't put many miles on my truck anyway. I want the time!!!
How do these things work guys. Do you still take it to the dealer to get repair work done or what. I get these things in the mail all the time always throw them away though. Just curious now I guess.
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