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Finally got the Blackstone Labs Oil Kit.

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Well its only been what 2 months but yeh I finally got the kit in the mail .LOL that was pretty quick. Guess on my next oil change I will test it out.
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I remember my first kit taking awhile to get as well, but when you send your first sample in, they will send you two kits back out so you don't have to wait again.

I also expected a lot of crap from the Post Office about mailing the sample, but they didn't say a word.
Hmm I didn't even ever think about what the post office would think. Im suprised they don't have a problem with fluids being mailed.
Technically, used oil can be classified as a hazardous waste, but you are sending a small enough amount that it is exempt from DOT regulations.
Ahhh Ok I just figured it wouldn't matter even though it was a small amount.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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