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Well, I finally got my new radio installed (Factory Replacement) and my Front Rotors changed. I've had it at the dealer once already. They had to "troubleshoot" the radio to see if I needed a new one.....guess what, I DID! :) When I went in I told them there was a slight squeak when I touched the brakes, but they tested them and said I needed the bulletin done. So, they replaced the pads and turned my rotors.....when I left, the brakes were worse than before (now I had a pulsing the the pedals when applied). Anyway, they came picked it up at work today and put on new rotors & Pads. No problems!

Just thought I'd tell you all about it. :)
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Awesome Firecracker another happy Titan owner. Glad you aren't having some of the problems other members have had when trying to get warranty work done. Thats the difference between a Top Notch Dealer and a Dealer just trying to make money and not caring about the their customers.
I'm glad someone has a good dealer. Ours SUCKS. Wife has to put her Murano in the shop this Sat. The dealer acted like this was an inconvenience to THEM! I'm tired of dealing with these boneheads already. I think I will try the dealer in north DE next time.(about 1 hour from us) We will see.
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