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First Mod On the Way

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I ordered a set of challenger step rails today from (Should arrive next week)

Does anyone have any tips/things to watch out for/ when installing these?

I read the other post on these rails, seemed pretty straight forward.


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Very easy install, you will be done in less then 1 hour. Post some pics, and your opinion of them when you get them on.
Will do, I'm counting the days.
UCF Parking?


Nice red Titan. I normally park over near the engineering side of campus. I have the Red CC 4x4 OR BT with the black fender flares. Leave a note if you find me. A few of us in the Orlando area are meeting on Saturday the 20th at 2:00PM, Oviedo Mall near the food court. Stop in if you can.

holy s$%t, I've seen your truck at school, you usually park it by the parking garage in front of CREOL, right? Are you an engineering major? I'm in civil. I'll probably come out on the 20th, is it just titans that come out?
I am an engineering grad student and I do normally park in the small lot. The 20th is a very small Titan meet. I think it is only four or five of us. Still trying to gain interest. We will meet for a little truck talk and some lunch.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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