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Hello! My name is Dan and I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. I own a silver 2012 Titan SV 4x2 King Cab. I have owned it since 2014, but I have not really made any mods to it. It currently has 103,300 miles, and still runs great!! Aside from regular maintenance and such I have had to replace the exhaust pipes and a taillight assembly because of a deer.
It's currently my daily driver. I am a high school band director, so I use it to haul equipment back and forth to gigs and marching band contests. I moonlight with a last mile moving contract company called Bungii (I'm literally "your friend with a truck", haha!!) so she get's a lot of use there.
I am also an amateur radio operator and I have a dual band mobile rig set up in the cab, which explains the two antenna on the roof.
She's a great truck, especially as my first pick-up truck. I'm in the market for a commuter car because of gas prices, but I won't be selling the Titan for it. Hopefully I can get many more years out of her! I am looking forward to the forums on here and learning more about what I can do with my Titan!
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