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Front end bounce

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Hi all - new Titan owner here. I picked up a 38,000 mile 2019 2WD King Cab about a month ago. LOVE the truck. One thing that is driving me kinda nuts is that the vehicle has a lot of front-end bounce. This occurs over parking lot speed bumps and highway expansion joints.

The truck encounters the bump, then the front end bounces up and down like it has no damping in the front suspension. I have read quite a few posts on this site regarding rear end bounce (I get that on a truck), but I didn't find anything on front suspension.

My question: is it normal for the front struts to die after 38,000 miles, and I just need to replace them or is there something else nefarious going on?

Thanks, and happy to be here!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts