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Ok so when i first bought my titan about a year ago. I immediately had to get my FSU replaced at only 32k miles. Well fastforward to now and i again had to have it replaced. This time at 48k miles...has anyone else had this problem?

Since purchase i've had these issues.

1.FSU 32k miles..
2.Cruise Control (Seperate times)
3.Cruise Control (Seperate times)
4.Cruise Control (Seperate times)
5.Paint chipping at a odd rate
7.A/C stuck
8.FSU 48miles..
9.A/C stuck and knobs need to be replaced.
10.Awaiting call to bring back to dealership over the knobs..

Am i just over reacting or do i possibly have a Lemon on my hands? I love my truck but these constant issue's have been annoying me.
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