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Got Hemi??

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Just a quick question here. Do the engines in our Titans have hemispherical combustion chambers?? Or do they have a wedge head, canted head etc, valve arrangement?? The reason I ask is that I notice that the plugs are located in the middle of the cylinder heads much like the vaunted pachyderm engines of Mopar fame (think 426 Hemi). Regardless at least our engines don't have pushrods. Nothing would please me more than to tell the guys at work that not only is my engine a Hemi, but it also has overhead cams. :p Plus this truck will flat out walk away from a stock domestic truck. :twisted:
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The engine by design is more advanced than a Hemi. DOHC v Pushrod. As for hemispherical heads ummmmm not exactly lol.
Neither the Dodge "Hemi" or the Nissan 5.6 are true hemis. But the Nissan is about as much a hemi as the Dodge is. Look at the attached pics of the Nissan and Dodge heads.


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I believe the Titan is a (sp) Pentaspherical Head design. Hemi does not allow but two valves per cylinder. Titan has four. I would never claim to have a Hemi, it is just sacraligious to a true Titaneer!
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