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Got my New Titan Today!

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I finally took the plunge on my new '04 Titan SE KC Red Brawn. This is my first nice/new vehicle I ever bought and it feels good, damn good.

I also wanted to let everyone know about two great web sites that helped me get a price of close to $3500 below invoice before rebates ($1500 under invoice after rebates) and a great APR.

A free site for general tips on buying new and used vehices, financing and dealing with dealers:

For $35, this website saved me thousands of dollars and days of my time. This site lays out a specific plan to get the dealers to call you and out bid each other; and you don't need to see any dealer until a price is agreed upon. Towards the end of the process I had two dealears out bidding each other for $50. If you want to beat the dealers (or at least get as close as possible) go to:

I'll be posting pics sometime this week of my new ride. Thanks for all the help.
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Congrats on the new Titan. Glad you were able to get a good deal. Thanks for sharing the info on to others.

Can't wait to see those pics of the new beast!!!
Woohoo chalk up one more Titan owner. I love reading new owner posts. Brings back that excitement of when I brought mine home for the first time. Definately get those pics up. Use the gallery for everyone to see them.
aaronsl2766 said:
I finally took the plunge on my new '04 Titan SE KC Red Brawn...
That's cool! Now that you have the Titan we expect to see you around here more. The cost savings you got over what an '05 might have cost you is great. Definitely paid to do your homework and drive off smiling. I did most of my negotiating via email to a few dealers which was more comfortable then being on their tough turf. I really like the red brawn color too. What is the build date on your Titan?
congrats man! I remember what you are feeling now, it is one of lifes pleasantries! Show us some pics, and keep on posting!
Congrats on the new vehicle! I still love this truck as much as I did the day I got it. I love the looks you get from others when driving it, especially those in Fords, GMCs, and Chevys. :lol:
Here are some pics of my new Titan.


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